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Exceptional Service


Take the guesswork out of your retrofit project and let EPS do what it does best.  We install the proper light for each task without compromising quality or savings.  Maximize your light, your savings and your positive impact on the environment.


Start out with our free, no obligation, cost / savings analysis to see if a lighting retrofit is right for you.

Our services for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, commercial strip malls, parking lots, hospitals, hotels, office buildings, convenience and gas stations, etc. Include:

  • Industrial & Commercial Lighting - Experience the benefits of EPS energy efficient lighting installation.  Benefits include fixtures with reflectors (that save even more), increased employee morale, productivity, cooler running lights = less HVAC draw as well as the cost savings to your utility bill.
  • Our electrical technicians are experienced in all aspects of lighting  projects including upgrades, retrofits, maintenance, repair, new construction and building renovations.

  • Industry lighting such as food, beverage, manufacturing, electronics, office work and more - we are well versed in what each industry needs for each and every task. EPS knows the importance of optimizing productivity.  You would be amazed at the positive difference lighting makes, in so many ways!

  • Decorative Interior and Exterior Lighting, Incandescent, Fluorescent, LED  and Smart Lighting.  We will locate and install even the most difficult to find fixtures and lamps.

  • Dimming & Lighting Control Systems - Save even more with these!

  • Retail Store Lighting - We will optimize your lighting with just the right tone to make colors pop and merchandise jump off the shelves!

  • Low  and High Voltage Lighting  and circuitry. We have solutions.


  • Exterior LightingParking lot, security and signage lighting which includes new installation, repair, maintenance, retrofit and upgrades.

  • Parking garage lighting including installation, repair, maintenance, retrofit


  • Problem Solving - We resolve all types of electrical lighting problems such as buzzing lights, dimly lit rooms, large spaces, constantly changing out burnt bulbs and more.


  • EPS offers consulting services.  Most of our jobs don't require consulting services.  Our first pass survey and proposal is free and there is no obligation.  If a job is more involved and needs multiple options we offer consulting services by a qualified lighting technician.  If one of the options  evolves to an order we waive the consultation fee or apply it to the job.


We begin the process by analyzing the space that requires a new lighting system. We'll take the time to understand the environment, space utilization and peak energy consumption and times of efficiencies. A free, no obligation lighting survey and proposal, which includes projected rebates and grants, is provided. After we present our findings and gain your agreement, we'll create a layout lighting design and  schedule that includes working with the rebate provider to realize the fullest potential of the rebates.

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