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Exceptional Service

EPS has worked in the lighting industry for over a quarter of a century. Take the guesswork out of your lighting installation or retrofit project and let EPS do what it does best.  We install the proper light for each task without compromising quality or savings.  Maximize your light, your savings and your positive impact on the environment.



Start out with our free, no obligation, cost / savings analysis to see if a lighting retrofit is right for you. Whether EPS funds your project or you fund it yourself you will realize an incredible return on your investment, far better than stocks,  precious metals, real estate, or bonds! In all cases businesses that retrofit pay for the project with the savings in a very short time.  After the project is paid for, the savings continue for the life of the retrofit.

Please know that the power companies want businesses to get the maximum rebates.  It will be less costly and more efficient for them to grant the rebates and maintain the power stations they currently have than to build new ones.  It is a win win program.


EPS has the forms you need for the rebates you want AND we know how to fill them out for you to maximize your rebate. You can count on our well informed and knowlegable sales staff to take the hassle out of the project.  



EPS can set up a payment plan based on the savings.  In many cases, after the initial deposit, no out-of-pocket expenses are  needed or required.  Many jobs are paid for by the savings alone. 



For more involved jobs it may be necessary to have  a precise cost/savings analysis.  In these cases lighting levels are measured, test areas assigned, consulting arranged.  Any cost associated with this process is deducted from the final job, if you choose our services. 

Safe Disposal & Restock

EPS safely disposes all waste as a part of our complete service in accordance to safety and environmental mandates.   EPS will also satisfy all your future restock needs. It's hard to beat our volume pricing whether you need one lamp or 1000!  In most cases we will have what you need delivered in a day or two.  


Occupancy Sensors, Surge Protection and Generator Systems

EPS has the right occupancy sensor for the space or activity.  Save more, in some applications 90%+ with occumpancy sensors.  Why waste power?   


Protect your lighting investment and save even more with surge protection.  Why pay for surges both on your bill and failed equipment and lights? 


We also install generator standy systems to keep you running, non-stop, when electricicy fails. There is no down-time for EPS generator clients!  Ask for a free sizing / analysis today! 


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