Reckitt Benckiser, Mechanicsburg, PA         


 Reckitt Benckiser,  (French's Mustard),  

Springfield, MO               


 Reckitt Benckiser, Pendergrass, GA


 Reckitt Benckiser (Electrasol) Brandon, MS    


 Reckitt Benckiser (Lysol), St. Peters, MO        


 Appleton Paper, Camp Hill, PA                   


 Global Supply Chain, Camp Hill, PA                      


Pitt Ohio, Harrisburg, PA                   


Hess Trucking, Harrisburg, PA                   


ZimmerRandall, Harrisburg, PA                   

Packaging Serv. Inc., Harrisburg, PA               

Getaways on Display, Inc,  Manheim, PA           

Dutch Mill Bulbs, Palmyra, PA                   

Friendlys Ice Cream, York, PA                   

Schindler Elevator, Gettysburg, PA                 

Overnight Office, Harrisburg, PA               

Eagle Graphics, Annville, PA                   

LaserFab, Lebanon, PA

Atlas Roofing, Camp Hill, PA                   

Universal Protective Packaging, Mechanicsburg, PA     

SKF USA, Hanover, PA                       

Weston Bakeries, Carlisle, PA                   

KBA North America, York, PA                   

C.H. Reed, Inc. Hanover, PA   

York Wall Coverings & GTY, Inc., York, PA           

Smurfit Stone Container, York, PA               

USA Metals, Levinson Steel, York, PA               

Leister's Furniture Factory, Hanover, PA  

CorrFlex Display & Packaging, York, PA           

First Capital Wire, York, PA                   

Oxford Container, New Oxford, PA               

EMECO, Hanover, PA                       

Standard Register, York, PA                   

Standard Register, Fayetteville, AR   

The Clark Companies, Hanover, PA                   


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Saving and Benefitting with EPS Expertise!

Besides saving up to 90% off the lighting side of your business, there are many benefits to consider when choosing high quality, efficient lighting for manufacturing plants:

  • Better mood for employees

  • Greater efficiency & productivity

  • Less eye strain  for employees

  • Greater comfort and less energy draw on a/c due to virtually no heat from lamps. 


  • Did you know that LED lights have no mercury or anything that is detrimental to the environment?

  • LED lights last at least 10 times longer than conventional lights.  This means less labor, cost and disruption to your production! Lamps may not need to be changed for 20-30 YEARS in some applications!

  • Instant Lighting & Frequent Switching - LEDs Can Be Turned On/Off Many Times making LEDs the perfect choice for occupancy sensors.


 Penn Mar Organization,

Glen Rock, PA            

First Capital Wire, York, PA                   

Duron Paints, Baltimore, MD                   

Hanover Lantern Manufacturing, Hanover, PA           

FX Smith & Sons, Hanover, PA                   

Yorkcraft, Inc., York, PA                   

Walmart Film Developing Center, Williamsport, MD  

Danskin, Inc., York, PA  

RH Sheppard Power Tech, Hanover, PA              

Precision Printing, York, PA                   


Carma Coatings, New Oxford, PA               

York Wire & Cable, York, PA                   

Supreme, Plant #2, Jonestown, PA               

KNZ Construction, Dallastown, PA               

Valk Manufacturing, New Kingstown, PA      

First Capitol Wire, York, PA                 

ATR Magnetic, York, PA                          

Keystone Building (PMI),  Harrisburg, PA  

Global Supply, Camp Hill, PA                   

Osage Piping, Steelton, PA                   

Appleton Papers, Camp Hill, PA               

Packaging Service, Harrisburg, PA               

EMKA , Middletown, PA                   

Supreme, Jonestown, PA                   

Thermal Industries, Murrysville, PA               

Dayton Parts  Factory, Harrisburg, PA                         

VS Rubber, Lebanon, PA  


 Ram Industries,  Camp Hill, PA


 Palmyra Pharmacy, Palmyra,  PA


 Summit Steel, Reading, PA


 LIS Printing, Loganville, PA


 Hanover Foods Offices, Hanover PA


 Seiling & Johnes, New Freedom, PA


 Top Flight, Glen Rock


 Terranetti's , Mechanicsburg, PA

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