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EPS provides and installs the latest, interior and exterior, energy-saving, lighting in factories, warehouses, retail operations, office buildings, hospitals,  schools, hotels, public buildings, government projects, public housing, etc...  EPS clients save up to 80% of lighting energy dollars with energy efficient LED lighting. Many times, up to 75% of project costs are funded with available incentives and rebates! Let us show you how energy efficient lighting is done right and join the growing number of EPS clients saving, now through the 21st century!

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For over a quarter of a century, EPS has delighted  clients with the aesthetics, low cost, energy savings and longevity of their brilliant, energy efficient lighting services.

The Full Story

EPS led the way in the light retrofitting industry long before it was fashionable to convert to energy efficient lighting in the manufacturing, retail and business workplace.  EPS, a leader      in the installation of the latest energy-saving lighting

technology, has innovated ways to maximize energy          savings for businesses like yours since 1989.  


Did you know EPS lighting conversions outperform              stocks, bonds, metals, you name it, with a great return                on your investment?  Smart business owners and            managers know this! The Triple Bottom Line is key.


EPS has earned an impeccable reputation in the industry.        With personalized options, the latest technology,         experienced installers, rebate expertise and high quality materials.  We’re doing everything we can to keep our clients happy now through the 21st century. 

Make an investment in your own company while making a cleaner, more  prosperous and brighter tomorrow.  We LOVE what we do!  We hope you will too!

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After installation, our customers are pleasantly surprised when: 

  • Employee productivity and mood improves,

  • Color rendering improvement leads to retail sales increase.

  • Outdoor curb appeal, foot traffic and safety is improved. 

  • LED lights run so cool that indoor air conditioning load is lightened in some applications.    

  • New options of LED provide higher quality and in many cases MORE light, less KWH, by 50% or more!

  • Longer lifespan of new LED lamps  translates to less replacement, less labor and much less time spent maintaining lighting.

Our Services

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